Positivity, Success

30 Days of Positivity Success Quotes

1. Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed. - Booker T. Washington 2. “The greatest revenge is massive success.” ― Les Brown 3. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. -… Continue reading 30 Days of Positivity Success Quotes

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Moving from Position to Passion – 30 Days of Positivity

  The Lord has greater things in store for you! I am often reminded of an Archer and what he does to prepare to shoot the arrow. With archery, there are several calculations that are monintored prior to the action of pulling the bow and arrow to hit a target. The archer precisely knows exactly where… Continue reading Moving from Position to Passion – 30 Days of Positivity


“Grace Upon Grace” (John 1:16)

"God's Riches According to Christ's Expenses"When you think about the word Grace, and apply it to your walk, what comes to your mind? I think of forgiveness, mercy, compassion, understanding, support...and the list goes on. With our journey toward Being Purposefully Positive, we have to adopt a mindset of thankfulness for the Grace that The… Continue reading “Grace Upon Grace” (John 1:16)