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Founder of 30 Days of Positivity and Co-Author Nika Corbett

I help women across the country learn how to feel more empowered by teaching positivity in their personal and business life . I teach them how to battle against negative feeling and provide positive teaching methods that will open the door to living a healthier lifestyle.
My strength is in building and mentoring teams of professionals. I have excellent leadership development skills. Outstanding in sales and business growth. Marketing maven

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CEO of 30 Days of Positivity and Co-Author Alban  Corbett

For over 15 years my passion has been helping people BREAKTHROUGH and take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: their business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families, careers and health. Most of my core strategies for creating breakthroughs have come from my work with within the Ministry and with families. I’ve had the privilege of working with various church organizations to implement strategies of church growth and community outreach. I’ve also assisted entrepreneurs with aligning their businesses for success.

30 Days of Positivity Journal



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It’s up to you to decide if you will look at the glass and say it’s half empty or half full. Positive thinking is not about living life in a fantasy that there are no bad things that can happen. Positive thinking is making a decision to look at the good in any situation. I believe that if you can commit yourself to an action, here is positive thinking, for an entire month, then your next month can only be that much more positive.

Live Purposefully Positive Everday!!!

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