Get Off The Fence – 30 Days of Posititivity

How do you make decisions? Here is a post that may help those of you that are on the fence.

30 Days of Positivity

Live Your Life Purposefully Positive Everyday. Live Your Life Purposefully Positive Everyday.

Decisions are made with varying degrees of difficulty. The unknown variables are met with conflict of uneasiness along with the lack of preparation. A person’s inability to have faith stunts potential growth and opportunity. The fence is a metaphoric meaning that straddling is a safe place, but no change will happen unless you decide to get off the fence.

I challenge you to discover what your fence is today. Some of us are considering a career change, a relationship change, writing a book, investment opportunity, whatever is on the other side of the fence will not hurt you, but it will prepare you to discover new horizons. You will stand and you will recover, because you made a step to jump into something new.

I am reminded of a Mother Goose nursery rhyme, called Humpty Dumpty and it goes something like:

Humpty Dumpty sat…

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