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Are You Climbing L.A.D.D.E.R.S. in Your Life? – 30 Days of Positivity

Life Actions Determines Dream  Expectations & Real Success
Life Actions Determines Dream Expectations & Real Success


If you are living you have a choice to choose how to live everyday of your life. We at 30 Days of Positivitiy believe that you can live your best life now, by discovering your purpose, developing a plan, and delivering in your passion.


What are you doing in your life to help you move closer to your dreams? If you are like many people you have responsibilities that sometimes interfere with opportunities of personal goals. I just want to encourage you to make time for yourself. It is important for you not only helping fulfill their dreams, but to be intentional in your mindset is about your goals. It is not good enough to just talk or think about what you want you must coordinate your mind with action.


The first step is always preparation to take the next step and thereafter. What you are doing now, will help provide assurance of your progress and confidence to your plan. When climbing up the ladder of life you will reach new levels of perspective along with new anxieties, because you are in a foreign place. Don’t worry about where you are just keep keep your dreams close to be the reminder.


The depth of your soul permeates the desires of your heart. Your dreams are connected to your purpose and passion. The Lover of your soul has planted a seed to take root in your heart, but it is your job to recognize what is needed to grow. This action may create an uncomfortable feeling, but know it is worth it to accomplish your dreams.


What are your expectations? Ask yourself real questions to help develop your plan.  Sometimes this may be hard to do, so I suggest that you find someone, unbiased, to ask about your expectations in your business, personal growth, or spiritual development. In every aspect of life there should be someone you should trust to tell the truth.


In order to usher in Real success there must be an attitude of  gratitude. Getting to your destination signifies you made it, but doing it alone tells a story on how your arrived. The importance of nurturing relationships are important to climbing any corporate ladder, building any business, and protecting the integrity of your success.


Wow! You have arrived and you can begin to enjoying the fruit of your labor. Although, you have been able to accomplish your goals there are other Ladders to still climb.  Don’t stop climbing your ladder and reaching new heights in your success.

Live Your Life Purposefully Positive Everyday

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