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3 Ways to Add Value to Others – 30 Days of Positivity

Live Your Life Purposefully Positive Everyday.
Live Your Life Purposefully Positive Everyday.

Thinking of Others

Have you ever experienced when somebody gives you an unexpected gift? If so do you remember how you felt? If you are anything like me you immediately felt indebted and the compulsion to reciprocate the kindness was overwhelming. If you are leader it should be a daily goal to think of others and by placing others first you are adding value to yourself.

Giving Unconsciously 

Give not to get! Be sincere in finding out what other people needs are and plan to provide what is needed in the appropriate timing. Loyalty should not be taken lightly in this day and age. Appreciate the people around you and giving does not have to be a physical gift. The gift of time can be shared by asking a genuine question and looking for real response. Engaging others in a sincere manner builds confidence and promotes giving unconsciously.

Work In Excellence

The work you are providing for somebody else, becomes your resume and interview.  Commit to helping somebody with zeal and generosity in their time of need and you will usher in your opportunity to serve others in greater levels. In John Maxwell video he shares about success without successor is not success at all. The importance of pouring into somebody is important to your overall success.


Live Life Purposefully Positive Everyday

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