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“Be Still and Know ” – 30 Days of Positivity

May the Lord bless and enrich your life greatly in and out of season.
May the Lord bless and enrich your life greatly in and out of season.

In life we tend to be so anxious. We live in microwave and remote control society, when yesterday was not soon enough. When experiencing job loss, life becomes so frustrating, with impending debts like childcare, mortgages, utilities and credit cards. After being in numerous interviews, without being able to secure a job, I prayed, “Lord I still have not received my blessing of securing employment. I’ve been responsible and I don’t understand why I am in this situation, please help me develop an understanding of purpose in my circumstance. Amen.“ I remember having a conversation with myself about staying positive, but I continued to feel frustration and anxiety. I persevered in spite of my feelings and kept praying to God and He spoke to my spirit by telling me to depend on Him and not on my own fears.  My anxiety was shortly alleviated by knowing that God knows my needs and He is seeking my faith to follow Him.

In the Bible scripture says , “Be still, and know that I am God” (‭Psalm‬ ‭46‬:‭10‬ NIV). The significance of being still is an understatement to most people, because people confuse busyness with productivity, but God said to “Be Still.”

I remember an experience shortly after my prayer that is perfect example of “Being Still.”  When my daughter was learning how to swim, she was so afraid to even getting into the water. We spent an half hour coaching her to get in the water, she agreed but only in her father’s arms. I thought she would have fun, because she was wearing floating devices around her arms and strapped to her chest. These devices are meant stabilize her and keep her a float in the water. However, this environment was foreign to her and she was uncomfortable. Well, sound the alarm, she starts kicking, screaming and splashing water in her face thinking she was drowning, but those floating devices kept her a float!  We guided her back and modeled and explained to her if she would just “Be Still” she would float in the water. Nevertheless, she calmed down and stopped trying to take control of the water and enjoyed her environment, because she was comforted in knowing she was not going to sink.

I’m sure we all had instances where we think it is in our best interest to control everything in our situations. When you find yourself struggling to find direction and balance in life, remember to allow yourself to “Be Still,” and know that God is working everything out in your favor. Your waddling in the water is your fear and anxiety of failure, but God needs you to “Be Still,” be calm, be quiet, and be at peace. Trust the process and know that somehow it’s going to work in your favor in the right time and place. Trust the process and know everything will fall into place in their own without you exerting much effort. 

When you trust God with the process, not only will He show up to deliver you, He will bless your process. That means the work you put in, which is the process, like starting your business, volunteering your talents, and building new relationship, God will take the work you are doing and grant you a promotion where you are at. What use to be your struggle has now become your blessing. We think that we determine our outcomes, but God provides the promotion and your opportunity to succeed. He will do amazing things in your life if you will just allow Him to lead. The blessing you have been praying about is “Delayed, not Denied.” I know your dreams of establishing something of your own sounds foreign, but The Lord may be setting you up for a comeback that supersedes your own imagination. Believe in something greater than your current circumstance! This journey called life is not easy, but it is worth it! “Be Still” and know that you are not alone and trust God in the process. 

Be Purposefully Positive!

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