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Rejoice Always! – 30 Days of Positivity 

Overcoming anxiety is an expression of rejoicing!

Is happiness an achievable attitude to strive for everyday? I believe so! There are many ways to sustain joy, but it is up to you to keep this mentality. We all have been faced with adversity and the pressure to succumb to depression and anxiety.  I believe overcoming disappointment is a characteristic that is a learned behavior and the only way to get over it is by going through it. A person becomes resilient by figuring out a solution and adapting a positive outlook.

I remember a time when my daughter was about two years old and she was afraid to climb up the slide. I wanted her enjoy the slide, so I would pick her up and place her on a partial part of the slide, so that she can experience the fun of sliding down. After a few times of sliding down the slide partially she was able to overcome her fear of falling and she wanted to fully enjoy the whole slide, but she had to climb up the steps. I watched her take each step closer to overcoming her anxiety of heights. I anticipated she would get midway and start crying, but to my surprise she climbed all the way up and called out to me saying, Daddy I did it!

Rejoicing always may seem unattainable but remain optimistic in your faith and pray without ceasing. Overcome your fears through your faith understanding that God wants what is best for you!

Be Purposefully Positive!

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