Let Your Gifts Guide You! – 30 Days of Positivity 

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30 Days of Positivity

Image You have been entrusted with special abilities!

When you are working the gifts that God have given you, then there is no room for lack. If you have something burning in your belly, that you know you should be doing, then go and do it! If it’s a book, write it! If it’s a business, start it! If it’s promotion, go and get it! Be courageous!

I am reminded of my daughter in a time in her life when she discovered that she was a good artist. She would color and draw everyday! She is always excited about creating something new! She is constantly looking for more ways to express what’s inside her. Her confidence overflowed from home to school where she entered contest. We are always encouraging her to grow, because we see potential and we are nurturing her gift by teaching her about other artist and allowing her…

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