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Don’t waste your breath! – 30 Days of Positivity 

Let the words of your heart praise the Lord!

The Psalmist in this verse realizes the greatest blessing of life is your breath. Your breath signifies life, hope, and opportunity. Your breath is the nature and soul of your being. Without breath you will be incapable of reaching or accomplishing any goals.

The attitude of praise encompasses a preconceived understanding of your value and worth in the Kingdom of God! God is absolutely in love with His creation and He adores the acknowledgement of  His mighty works through praise.

The expression of your gifts by living in your purpose reveals God’s glory. This glory is a reflection of your praise to God!

I have three beautiful children and they are an extension of me. I remember one night with my children they surprised me in their prayers by saying “God I thank you for my mommy and daddy, because they love me and they buy me the things I like and want. Amen”  The psalmist in verse 2 identifies that God surpasses the needs, because He knows the desires of your heart and He has plans to bless you, but it is all wrapped up in your praise.

Your praise will open the doors, your praise will break up fallow ground, your praise will break shackles, your praise will open closed doors, your praise will protect, and your praise is your provision in the time of need. So don’t waste your breath by complaining and remember let everything that has breath Praise The Lord!

Be Purposefully Positive

6 thoughts on “Don’t waste your breath! – 30 Days of Positivity ”

  1. “With my hands lifted up and my mouth FULL WITH PRAISE…with a heart of thanksgiving….I will bless You, oh Lord”. Singing my PRAISES TO YOU, my LORD…in my loudest voice. And within my heart…all day long!

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