When To Burn Bridges – 30 Days of Positivity

Alban Corbett

by Alban Corbett

When Should You Burn Bridges?

When should you burn bridges? As many people know Bridges are gateways to cross over terrain that are typically uncrossable. However, many people get stuck on the bridges due traffic back ups caused by accidents, toll collectors, bridge maintenance and some people are just there to see the sights.

I correlate bridges to people in our life. People in our lives are meant to help us and provide gateways to seeing a new horizon.  Unfortunately, some people make us wait to cross because he or she is wanting for something in return (toll collector).

There are others that allow you to cross but slowly drag you along not wanting to commit and they are more dangerous because they know you need help but drive by slowly to see what’s happening so they can tell people about your failures (Rubberneckers).

While yet, there others that distracts you with their drama and create problems so that it stops your progress. They absorb your time and energy (Bridge Maintenance).

Lastly, there are people that love the view but don’t add value and they are okay with you being right where you are (Sightseers).

I was always been taught not to burn bridges, but I have found out that it is necessary not only to burn bridges, but not stay around while they are burning! You can create a safe atmosphere by building a bridge with people that have similar goals and ambitions.

It’s time to take inventory of your Bridges and evaluate the purpose. Some Bridges can be restored only if it has a solid structure and there are other that must be burned to not be crossed again.

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