These Are the Characteristics That Separate the Average from the Achievers

When I consider successful people, or those who are achievers, I immediately think of mind-set and thought process. For those who choose not to take hold of situations and take action steps in order to turn them into positive outcome, may never have the opportunity to see the world of "achievers." So what are the… Continue reading These Are the Characteristics That Separate the Average from the Achievers

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Let Your Gifts Guide You! – 30 Days of Positivity 

When you are working the gifts that God have given you, then there is no room for lack. If you have something burning in your belly, that you know you should be doing, then go and do it! If it's a book, write it! If it's a business, start it! If it's promotion, go and… Continue reading Let Your Gifts Guide You! – 30 Days of Positivity 


Thoughts Create Reality

Mind-Set Moment: If you focus on something long enough, it will become a part of you and how you process things. So, the words that you speak and the thoughts that you allow to visit your mind, over time you will start to believe and trust them. I encourage you to have the right thoughts… Continue reading Thoughts Create Reality

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Expand Your View

We all have goals that we set for ourselves, personal, business or health. As we continue to strive to reach them sometimes it can be hard to see the vision that is before us. It can seem further away or our focus may have gotten blurred; Whatever the situation may be, I want to encourage… Continue reading Expand Your View


Let’s Get Positive

This is my call in life, to be able to pour into others has the Lord pours into me. Over the next few weeks, I want to pour into you more, FOR FREE. I will be posting live videos, "5 Minutes of Motivation." If you have a burning question about mind-set shifting, living life positively,… Continue reading Let’s Get Positive


Positive Self-Talk

From the time you woke this morning until this very moment, what words did you speak to yourself?  Did you say things like, "You are Great," "You are making great progress," "I will make it happen today," or simply, "Today is going to be a great day?"  If you didn't, it's alright, take minute and speak… Continue reading Positive Self-Talk