Stop Getting Fat

“I want to write a book, but I need to do more research on how to self-publish.” “I want to start a business, but I need to figure out who will buy from me if I do.” “I want to lose 15 pounds, but I have do some additional investigating to determine the best program for me.” Have you said one of these things or something similar? Maybe you said that 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago or 2 years ago and you are still in the same place, research mode and not results mode. When are you going to stop getting fat on information? Now is the time to birth that vision, dream or goal that you have been incubating for far too long. Let it out!!!

I woke up the other day with a sore jaw and limited movement. I found I have a condition that causes my jaw to lock up sometimes and even cause it to go off-line. It’s painful, but over time it will get better. What has not changed is my jaw alignment. It is still shifted in the wrong direction. Due to this, it is very painful to bit down on anything. I can talk without pain, but I just can’t take in any solids unless it’s really soft, and even that hurts. So my intake I limited. So I had to ask the Lord, “Why now, when I have to stay up late working, I need my energy from my food intake?” What was revealed is a lesson to be learned, for me to “Stop taking in all this stuff and start letting things out.” I realized that in my business I have to stop going into information overload and fattening my notebooks and not taking action. With my limited jaw, I can still get some things in, but I have not lost my ability to share a message or speak the words that are in me to encourage and motive women. These things are my passion, not the research.

I was invited to take part in a Tele-Summit, “The Be More Breakthrough Tele-summit,” hosted my S. Rasheem, taking place May 1st – 31st, 2014. Rasheem is a great example of a woman taking action on her dreams. You can visit her page, http://www.bemorebreakthrough.com to read her story. She didn’t allow research mode to stop her from taking action and making this Tele-summit live. Though information was gathered and planning had to take place, she still has arrived at the point of getting it accomplished and she has. So, she took what she had, even if fear and uncertainty were present, and took the leap of “Make it Happen!”

You can do the same. If you have the manuscript for your book in you, put that pen to paper and start writing. You can research publishers while you are developing your work. Start that business! It’s never going to be the perfect time, but with the right mind-set and determination, you can get it done successfully. You can get in that dress, even if it 2 sizes down, but you have to take action to reach the goal. Take some steps today that can contribute to that lose. Stop pondering and make a decision. Just Do It!!

We as researchers are the best at it, so whatever decision you make, I’m sure it will be right one. You have all the Fatty details to show that you are heading down the right path. Just make up your mind right now to birth you passion and stop fattening it up. Think like a mother giving birth, the bigger the baby, the harder the labor. So make it easier on yourself and take action today.

Be Purposefully Positive

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