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Moving from Position to Passion – 30 Days of Positivity

Pull, Aim, Release, Greatness

The Lord has greater things in store for you! I am often reminded of an Archer and what he does to prepare to shoot the arrow. With archery, there are several calculations that are monintored prior to the action of pulling the bow and arrow to hit a target. The archer precisely knows exactly where the arrow goes prior to releasing. The Lord has already precisley calculated all of the varaibles that are needed to execute your Greatness! 

No matter how you percieve yourself, just know that The Lord is the Archer and you are the arrow, He is directing your path with pinpoint focus.

When a Archer prepares himself he has already observed the target of greatness prior to release and He refocuses his aim with the arrow in position to a pinpointed target. In order for the arrow to reach the target, the archer has to measure how far to pull the bow and arrow back. The archer knows exactly how far back to pull, because he knows the velocity needed to reach and hit the target. 

Frustration is often related to confusion, because of limited understanding and people struggle with their purpose and give up on greatness . The Lord has a plan and every experience yields more growth and revelation to your passion and purpose. Complacency, usually yields to comfortability and less stressful situations because of planned expectancies, but when God pulls back the arrow on your life and you realize that God has given you a greater purpose. Many people experience complacency by experiencing the same spiritual rut, career dead end, relationship disasters, and in the same financial position for many years then all of a sudden you feel that you have just taken ten steps back. 

God wants you to identify where you are so that He can show us a Greater and purposeful future. In order for God to launch us forward He has to pull us back to teach us humility. Though the pulling back of the bow is slow, in which why sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the same position, but it is a necessary position to determine the velocity of the arrow, so that once released, the arrow becomes an unstoppable force and we are released with great anticipation and expectation. 

As you are waiting for the Archer to release the arrow, take inventory of where you are and what position you are in. Stay focused on the target of Greatness. 

 Be Purposefully Positive

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