“Love Yourself”

Daily we need to remind ourselves that we should be our own biggest fan. When you wake up in the morning, and you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Very few people will say, “Wow, you are great and I love you.” There are more who say, “Wow, you need to lose some weight,” “So you are on your way to that dead-end job again,” or simply, “Nobody likes you.” What a way to start your day. We have to change those words being used by that inner voice, because if you say something to yourself enough, you just might start to believe it. Imagine starting off every morning, feeling joyous and in love with yourself. Your level of confidence will be increased and your ability to love others will be that much easier and that much more fulfilling.

I watched a great documentary over the weekend and it was so enlightening. One of the doctors spoke about a study they had conducted, where this group focused on speaking love to themselves. So, I thought it was good information to share on our strive for Positivity. Daily, they were asked to look at themselves in the mirror every morning and say, “I Love you, right now.” Right after that they did say all that negative chatter began in their minds. So, they allowed it to flow and flow. When all the chatter stopped, they said, for a second time, “I Love you, right now.” From the study, they found that by day 28, that inner voice changed from the negative to the positive. They started to feel that much better, as if their inner mental state did a completed turn around, which resulted in inner joy. This new thought pattern resulted in these individuals having a better picture of themselves and truly being in love with who they are right now.

So, I encourage you speak life to yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy being who God made you to be. You are Loved and Needed, Right Now!!

Be Purposefully Positive!

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